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Mar 1, 2017

Your Dazzling New Engagement Ring Should Cost just Over £1000

pink solit ring.jpg Did you get engaged on Valentine’s? If not don’t worry, the next popular date to get engaged is Easter – so carry on dreaming about that perfect engagement ring. While you are looking, as a guide recent research says your engagement ring should cost just over £1,000 and the most popular stone after the white diamond is the blue sapphire, oh and in a vintage style. This price tag is good news for those who are interested in a more on trend colourful engagement ring as sapphires, rubies and emeralds can sometimes be found at a better cost than white diamonds. Besides, coloured gemstones are super on trend anyway for all jewellery as well as engagement rings.

Apparently the average woman expects her wedding proposal to be at a landmark in her home city, with a dazzling ring costing £1013, according to new research. And when he does pop the question, Mr. Right should drop down to one knee, in a private setting – but shouldn’t worry about asking for parental permission first. TS5 Top

Craig Bolton, Executive Director from luxury British jeweller Mappin & Webb, who commissioned the study, said: “The results of our survey should give the men of the UK plenty of food for thought. A happy marriage starts with a happy proposal, and the ring is something that absolutely has to be perfect – whether it’s a flawless stone or a bespoke ring with some personal meaning to the couple.”

Three quarters of women would like to help pick their own engagement ring, which will be a relief to blokes who aren’t sure of their partners’ tastes. And over a third of women think their man would make the wrong ring choice if left to his own devices.

Richard 11 Interestingly, fewer than one in five women have every detail of their perfect proposal mapped out in their mind – which gives men quite a lot of room for error. And half of women say they don’t care where their proposal takes place, but men can play it safe by choosing the beach or a famous landmark to get down on one knee.

Here’s where it gets interesting. Apparently, almost one in five women have turned down a marriage offer in the past, for a variety of reasons. Yikes, that turns up the heat on planning the proposal!

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So, all in all, if you live in a landmarked packed city then the proposal can take place on home ground. If not, Paris or New York for popping the question it is!

As so many people prefer to choose their own ring now, coupled with the fact that many women are opting to go with coloured stones in their engagement ring, more and more people are going with the safer bet of creating their dream engagement ring in collaboration with their jeweller. It’s much easier than you think and a very popular way of creating jewellery these days too. Everyone wants something that is unique to them, and why not? Your engagement ring is one of the most important and prized purchases of your life, better to go with a ring that is a personal statement of your love and individuality.

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