Welcome to Haruni Fine Jewels

Few things spark such personal emotion as rare gems and fine jewels that have been given, received, inherited or created to mark special moments in life.  Whether buying something ready to wear, having a ring bespoke made, or reimagining an heirloom, I am here to help you on your jewellery journey. 

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Jewellery Design Studio

Jewellery tends to take on a journey of its own within families, passed down through generations or between friends and we consider it our privilege to be there at the beginning of each entirely original story.

The jewellery Design Studio is where you will work with the design team to create something brand new, reimagine a piece of jewellery you already own, or customise a piece to get it just how you want it.

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Jewellery Ready To Wear

Through generations of shared knowledge and experiences, the Haruni Family have selected stones that have formed the centrepiece of each and every jewel. Forging metal and gemstone together, each new jewellery item is ready to embark on its next journey.

The jewellery you will see here, is designed with the stone in mind.  You can either buy the piece as is, or use it as inspiration for something new.

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Loose Gemstones

A gemstone’s journey begins long before it reaches its owner. Displaying unique character and charm, every gemstone harnesses the richness and history of faraway lands.

Our gems have been hand selected in far away lands, curating this wonderful collection.

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