Jun 19, 2017

Get The Look: Summer Glow

by: richard haruni

Get The Look: Summer Glow

Yellow and orange tones – an absolute classic when it comes to Summer season. It reminds us of hot bright days and even more vibrant evenings when sun is setting off. This time of the year is perfect to embrace bold colours and enjoy it while it lasts. Colouful sapphire jewellery is always a nice touch but in the Summer it’s a must! Choose orangy yellow ones if you want to stand out in the crowd and enjoy the sunshine in style. 

Seeing all the beautiful gemstone jewellery around, we’ve decided to create some of our own inspired designs. Whether it’s ruby, sapphire, emerald or diamond – they all can look amazing in your jewellery. As for us, we think that orange and yellow fancy coloured sapphires are pretty perfect for the season. Here are some of our top sartorial and jewellery picks to get you into that Summer spirit.


2 Untitled-1-3.jpg

Narcisso Rodriguez Spring 2017 look and Carla Amorim Aurora earrings from the Pantone collection

3 Untitled-1-2.jpg

 Sutra Jewelry earrings and Narcisso Rodriguez Spring 2017 look


4 Untitled-1-1.jpg

Narcisso Rodriguez Spring 2017 look and Salavetti white gold, diamonds & orange sapphire earrings



The Gem Bank’s Fancy Coloured Sapphires



Now we would love to hear which look is your favourite and what colours strike your fancy when it’s so unbelievably hot outside!



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