Jul 11, 2017

Get The Look: Orange County

by: richard haruni

Get The Look: Orange County

Summer is here, the Sun is out and with such a nice weather outside the holiday season is in full swing. When going to sunny countries and hot climate, why not to look more sunny yourself? Orange and yellow fancy coloured sapphires and diamonds might be just what you are looking for!

Ruby, sapphire, emerald or diamond – all are great choices to bring more colour into your wardrobe and seeing all the beautiful coloured gemstone jewellery around, we’ve decided to create some of our own inspired designs. We think that fancy coloured sapphire is the ultimate gemstone to a pop of colour into your jewellery when it’s Summer time so here are some of our top sartorial and jewellery picks to inspire some fancy coloured sapphire looks for yourself. 


4 Untitled-1-3.jpg

 Protagonist Spring 2017 look and Estate Pink Orange Sapphire Diamond Chandelier Earrings by Dover Jewelry

3 Untitled-1-5.jpg

Michael Youssoufian gemstone and diamond ear pendants and Protagonist Spring 2017 look

2 Untitled-1-6.jpg

Protagonist Spring 2017 look and Louis Vuitton earrings


The Gem Bank’s Fancy Coloured Sapphires


Finally, we want to know what kind of jewellery are you wearing this Summer and which look of ours is your favourite!




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