by: richard haruni

Dec 12, 2014

In this, the busiest time for sales of the year – there is still room to maximise profits with add-on sales. According to hosted e-commerce solution provider Shopify, 30% of consumers will make an additional, last-minute purchase when offered an item that complements what they’ve already decided to buy.


Add-on sales represent a significant source of revenue and profits to a company. The add-on sale is generally suggested by the salesperson once the buyer has made a firm decision to buy and is sometimes known as “upselling.” Christmas Day falls on a Thursday this year – so Super Saturday (the last Saturday before Christmas) has a further four days of selling after it, which is a great opportunity to really maximise those profit margins!


A few tips for accomplishing add-on sales and maximising profits for silly season 2014!

  1. Remember that once your customer has made a decision to buy, their wallet is open, they are in the mood to spend, and additional purchase decisions are much easier.
  2. For best results, mention the add-ons before the sale is completed, but after the major purchase decision has been made.
  3. If you’re offering products or services your customer needs, recognize that you are actually helping them. Try to increase the amount of every sale through helpful upsell and cross-sell offers.
  4. Offer relevant add-ons to your customers based on what they are buying from you there and then or their past purchase history. Think about Amazon, every time you buy something from them a few items titled “you might also like” and “other customers purchased” pops up.
  5. If you’re selling online, suggest available options and accessories right on the order confirmation page. You can also use a redirect after the transaction is completed and processed to send your customer directly to a “thank you” page where you can upsell or cross-sell.
  6. Make absolutely sure that whatever you offer your customer is adding value to their original purchase. As a happy customer will come back.

selling online

The best time to sell to your customer is when they’re already in a “buying mood.” Remember, if you’re not upselling and cross selling right now, you’re missing out on extra sales that you could be adding to every single order.


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