Jewellery Design Studio

Each gemstone has made an incredible journey on this Earth before it reaches your hands. It is resonant with its own history before it embarks on a new journey with you.

And every stone is unique; with its own provenance, energy and personality. Much like you. Our role at Haruni Fine Jewels is to bring client and stone together to embark on a new journey by creating something extraordinary.Tell us your story: we can guide, advise, design and collaborate to craft pieces that are one of a kind, or re-imagine heirlooms. From one-off creations to entire jewellery wardrobes as part of an ever-evolving collection, this process allows you to have exactly what you want. The design studio is about dreams made real.

Jewellery will tend to take on a journey of its own within families, passed down through generations or between friends and we consider it our privilege to be there at the beginning of each entirely original story.

Start with a Design

Having your dream piece of jewellery made means having a design, or an idea and having it brought to life.

No matter basic, or thought through your design is, we can help you take it to the next level. Leave your details below and we will contact you.

Start with a Stone

The stone is the central element to any jewel and  often the best place to start when making a dream jewel, as it can influence so much else. Take a look through our collection of gems and let us know what you find and how we can build on that. See Our Gems

Start with an Heirloom

Sometimes family heirlooms don’t always suit their custodian, yet the thought of keeping them locked in a drawer is unbearable.

If you have inherited a piece of jewellery and want to add your personal stamp to it, fill in your details below and we’ll help you create your future heirloom.

Contact us to take your jewellery dream to the next step