Lisa Earrings and Pendant Set

A returning customer, wanted a pendant and earring set for his wife’s upcoming birthday and so with plenty of time in hand, we got to work.

The brief was vague. something along the lines of I have some ideas – in particular, a colleague of mine was wearing a lovely green and gold set.  I’m not sure what the green was.  It was a flat piece of green something, sort of shaped a bit like Africa! 


Once we had spoken I had a clearer idea.  It didn’t need to be an actual shape of Africa, just hanging and green.

I presented some designs and we began fo focus on some more concrete ideas.

design ideas

Once we had the design figured out, I was able to concentrate on making the finished pieces. We also added a clever twist by making the earring tops detachable.

The end result was stunning and pretty much speaks for itself.

IMG_2707 2-1

My client wrote.

Hi Richard. I gave Lisa the jewellery this morning. It was received very well, and she’s wearing it today. She particularly liked the detachable earrings – thought that was a very clever design feature. She also really liked the diamond detailing above the pendant. Thanks very much to you and the team.


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