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Gemstone and Jewellery Inventory Manager

About us:


Haruni Family has seen the transformation of the gemstone industry from its most simple and basic way of trading along the silk route, to the very early days of international long-distance travel, to the cutting edge of digital technology and the future of where the industry lies. We are proud to say we have played an active role at every step.


The skills required:


At Haruni our success depends on our people, productivity, and procedures. This unique role will not be suited to all. The right person must have a combination of skills that include gemstone knowledge, an understanding of jewellery manufacture, administrative competence, good communication skills as well as exceptional attention to detail. Experience with an inventory management systems and reports is a plus.

If you understand gemstones (simple grading is ok), are familiar with the jewellery making process, are very organised, and have a good relationship with technology, then you should consider this opportunity. 


The role includes the following but not limited to:


  1. Controlling all activities for gemstone, diamond and jewellery stock in the office, as well as stock arriving to and leaving from the office.
  2. You will be in control of the stock using our inventory management system (you’ll be trained).
  3. Respond to client’s inquiries regarding our stones via email, over the phone and in person (perhaps in the future even by video).
  4. Identifying the stones customers/colleagues may be looking for and supplying them with the proper information required.
    1. This may include identifying the right stone
    2. Seeing if it has a certificate
    3. Seeing if it has any photos or videos and taking them if it doesn’t
    4. Communicating all the relevant information using the most appropriate medium
  5. Online inventory maintenance.
    1. Ensuring that the right gemstones and jewellery are listed with the right information on our website and other marketing channels (you will be trained in maintaining their online presence)

We are looking for:


The ideal candidate who has an understanding of gemstones and jewellery and has excellent communication skills both written and verbal while communicating with colleagues and clients alike.

You need to be a London based, self-starter, flexible, have a high level of integrity and honesty and be action and goal-oriented in a fast-paced, sometimes demanding environment.

You must have exceptional organisational skills, be task focused, know how to prioritise your work, yet display flexibility as required, assume responsibility for the work you produce and its impact on the business. You need to be able to work with a small team, but do the work required under your own steam.




Staff discount Available
21 Days Holiday
Salary range £20,000 – £25,000
Office Based
Flexible Working Hours
Family Run
London Based

To apply, please upload a copy of your CV with a cover letter to Richard Haruni, or send one by email to [email protected]

Start Date: early Jan/Feb


Job Application is Closed