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The Beauty of Ruby

Rubies have adorned royalty around the world for centuries. Modern lore most associates rubies with expressions of love and passion, which maybe explains why rubies still command the highest per-carat price of any colored stone to this day. It is also why ruby engagement rings are a very popular alternative engagement ring to diamonds. TAKE ME TO RUBY HUB

After Care

Rubies are, on the whole, very durable stones and are safe to use in jewellery dips and ultra-sonic cleaners, however avoid using heat with untreated stones as this could affect the colour and future recertification. Avoid coating with borax before applying heat as borax may eat into rubies and sapphires.

Rubies are increasingly being treated by filling with glass and stones that have that have been treated in this way may contain a very large percentage of glass. If you become aware that a you or a customer has such a ruby, avoid direct heat, acids, ntrasonic and steam cleaners, knocks and blows

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