Winners Revealed for Haruni Fine Gems Design Competition 2019

Following the huge success of last year’s jewellery design competition, Haruni Fine Gems announced it’s 2019 jewellery design competition with nature as the main theme. Everyone with the passion for crafting jewellery and giving them life, from jewellery designers to students were invited to take part. The competition rule for this year is simple and that is to design a piece of jewellery inspired by nature and use a gemstone from as the primary stone.

“The Haruni Fine Gems design competition again proved very popular. A lot of people signed up and we were surprised at how many entries came from outside the UK. What pleased us most was the outstanding standard of the top entries, which made choosing the winners a very difficult task.”


After careful evaluation, the three winners were revealed. The first prize winner Emanuela Serino based her designs around the stunning 5.09 ct Red Oval Ruby.

Emanuela explained: “I chose this colour because it is the colour of life and passion, as a big alive organism which beats in every plant and flower on this planet. This beautiful intense colour gives importance to the center of the necklace.”

“I was inspired by the painting of Sandro Botticelli “Spring”. This painting represents the process of this beautiful season full of colours and life. The wind carries the seeds, hosted then by the Earth. Seeds will grow and then will become beautiful flowers. That infinite cycle is what keeps us alive on the Earth and is one of most powerful demonstration of Love from Mother Nature.”

Second prize winner Sophie Chapman based her design around a 3.74ct Yellowish Brownish Green Oval Sapphire.

Sophie described her design concept, the bird’s nest, as “a symbol of protection”. She further explained, “Birds have a natural instinct and desire to protect and keep things safe. The ring I have designed is a stylised version of a nest in yellow gold adorned with small diamond berries. Encapsulated inside is the yellowish-brownish green oval sapphire. I chose this colour for its uniqueness and reflections of nature and its colour.”

Third prize winner Charlotte Mitchell based her design around this 4.12ct Purplish Red Marquise Ruby. Charlotte described her design concept as “elegant contemporary ring inspired by the structure of a deer’s antlers”. She explained, “One function of a deer’s antlers is to use them as a weapon in fights between males. My design features two sets of antlers holding a diamond each, fighting for the centre piece ruby. To coordinate with the red ruby, I decided to use red gold as it is quite fashionable at the moment.”

Congratulations to our winners, and thank you to all who entered into the competition.

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