Winners Revealed for Haruni Fine Gems Design Competition 2018

After launching our first ever fine jewellery design competition in January, Haruni Fine Gems have chosen the winners. The competition was to celebrate colour by design. We asked jewellery designers to submit a newly designed ring, using any stone or stones on the website and either a pendent or pair of earrings to match.

Haruni Fine Gems design competition proved very popular. A lot of people signed up and we were surprised at how many entries came from outside the UK. The standard ranged from terrible to exceptional. What pleased us most was the outstanding standard of the top 10 entries, which made choosing the winners a very difficult task.

harry first prize-1.jpeg

There are 3 winners in total, the first jewellery design competion prize winner Harry Beasant, based his designs around the 3.64 Ct Columbian Emerald. Harry said; “I am really interested in fine jewellery and so when looking through the Haruni selection of gems, I was mesmerised by the 3.64 Ct Columbian Emerald. I loved the shade of green, the size and the cut of the precious stone. Instantly I had ideas for my design, I wanted to portray an “organised chaos” theme with the ring and earrings.

emanuela second prize.jpeg

Second prize winner of the jewellery design competion, Emanuela Serino, based her designs around the royal blue sapphire weighing 5.30 carats. Emanuela described her design concept, the birth of Venus, as; “the idea of enriching the beauty that every woman already has. Every woman is a Goddess, especially in our time where power, bravery, beauty, elegance, passion and love for what they do and who they are, are important features to face every-day life.”

nathalie third pricze.jpegThird Prize winner Nathalie Cao, based her designs around the 3.16ct vivid Cushion Ruby. Nathalie described her design concept as; “Blooming flowers, with the heart of the flower represented by the centre stone, revealing the beauty of the cushion ruby”

As gemstone dealers based in London and Geneva, we pride ourselves on carrying a wide range of gemstones.  We focus on rubies, sapphires, emeralds and natural coloured diamonds and are developing our collection of spinels, garnets and other semi precious stones. To see the collection, Click Here

If you are interested in taking part in future competitions Click Here.

3 things you can do now:

  • Take part in the next design competition. 
  • Download our gemstone grading guide as a PDF Guide
  • Look at some gems

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