It’s the year of new and exciting fine jewellery trade shows. Earlier this month we saw the first Gemgenève, which has been hailed by those in the industry to be a huge success. In June it’s another first, Wild Things – billed to show visitors as a more edgier side to fine jewellery.

‘Wild-Things-LondonPhoto Credit: Fab UK Magazine

Wild Things Trade show is the result of a partnership between The House of Luxury and the COUTURE show, organised to launch a unique and eclectic showcase of the most design driven, rule breaking fine jewellery brands of 2018. It has been created due to the unprecedented reception from both press and trade The House of Luxury are bringing this initiative to 58 Maddox Street London. A few of the brands to look out for at the show:

MUKHI SISTERS, Stemming from a consistent lineage of jewellers, the Indian Lebanese sisters, Maya, Meena, and Zeenat  have  the  industry  deep  in  their  DNA,  but  rather  then  follow  in  the  traditions  set before  them,  they  decided  to use  their  provenance  and  expertise  to  create  something  completely  different. Together they founded Mukhi Sisters, a brand that embodies the woman and her complexity.

mukhi-sistersPhoto Credit: Fab UK Magazine

Each piece a conversation starter, creating its own experience and distinctive narrative with a unique energy. Their designs aim at expressing the individuality of each women wearing their jewellery. The adjustability of their pieces makes mixing, matching and stacking, accessible and dynamic. The originality of their creations lies in the wear ability of those pieces and their singularity as we can witness with their hair ornaments.


MUKHI SISTERS Collection, Photo Credit: The House of Luxury PR

ALESSA, established in 2009, Alessa is the brainchild of Alessandra Robles and Yuvraj Pahuja.  Born and raised in Guatemala, Alessandra met Yuvraj, who comes from five generations of an Indian jewellery producing family, at the GIA, where their shared love of gemology set the wheels in motion for Alessa.  With each piece produced in Dubai, the brand takes pride in the emphasis they place on the fabrication process.  Translated from paper to art by their creative team, the collection’s essence is the appreciation of nature, diversity and cultural wealth.


ALESSA Collection, Photo Credit: The House of Luxury PR

ANIL ARJANDAS, Anil Arjandas’ eponymous brand is one which focuses on reinterpreting  the  world  of  fine  jewellery, creating  pieces  that  have  fresh  urban  style.  The lauded Original Bracelet is made to order, intended to be worn alongside any timepiece. The inner core of the bracelet can be made from silver, gold or rose gold, topped off with trademark brown and black diamonds.


Arjandas Collection, Photo Credit: The House of Luxury PR

BY STOLIE, Ilona Stolie has become something of a style phenomenon. In struggling to find the perfect, simple design jewellery for everyday wear, she had a brainwave: “I was searching for earrings of flawless quality, ideal size and weight. I also struggled to find elegant chokers and other items that I could really fall in love with.” While ruby is her favoured gemstone, she still indulges in the use of a girl’s best friend.  Yellow gold is her metal of preference, due to the soft and warm texture she associates it with.


STOLIE Collecttin, Photo Credit: The House of Luxury PR

AISHA BAKER, Aisha Baker Jewellery was established last year, with the desire to capture the youthful wonder of fantastical fairytales.  Each piece blooms from a story that was born in a wonderland and incorporates hidden meanings and messages in their aesthetic. Every piece is carved by hand in London, from the heart of human imagination.  When luxury purveyor Aisha met celebrated designer Hoonik Chang a vision was shared, and the brand was born.  Hoonik studied Metal Production Design in South Korea before moving to London to study, where he won Theo Fennell’s Overall Best award in 2015 for his BA Jewellery Design Degree Show.  He has also received awards from both Cartier and Avakian.


AISHA BAKER Collection Photo Credit: The House of Luxury PR


Which one is your favourite?

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