by: richard haruni

Apr 15, 2018

Millennials Piercing their Fingers with Diamonds

Millennials are now piercing their fingers with diamonds instead of wearing diamond engagement rings. The trend started in New York but has now leaped the pond the Britain.

pierce 2Photo Credit: DailyMail UK

The trend has seen some millennials ditching the traditional diamond engagement ring and forgoing the band altogether. Instead they are having the diamond embedded into their engagement ring finger!

piercePhoto Credit: DailyMail UK


This new bizarre craze involves peeling back a few layers of skin on the ring finger and inserting a titanium or gold anchor to attach the diamond to. A New York piercing specialist, NYC INK, reported to CBS news that the procedure takes 10 minutes and costs $100 and has swiftly noticed the rise in popularity of this piercing.

123456Photo Credit: Cosmopolitan UK

12345678Photo Credit: Cosmopolitan UK

The diamond is sold separately. Something tells us that fine jewellery stores won’t be making space for specialist piercing any time soon!


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