Over the last few years many 70’s and 80’s styles have been making a comeback, such as chandelier earrings and animal brooches to name a few. The latest trend to re-emerge is the signet ring, once worn on the pinky finger by men, but now the trend is worn by both men and women.

hires gold 2 Photo Credit: The Pommier

The history of the signet ring goes back even further to the 17th and 18th century it bore the family crest and was a mark of distinction. Going back even further, as far back as 3500 BC, kings and religious leaders wore and used signet rings to mark and seal anything from documents, to doorways to tombs to prove authenticity. The seal could not be opened without damaging the identifying mark, making it difficult to tamper with.

sun and moon rings product shot 2 hires Photo Credit: The Pommier

Now signet rings have made a huge comeback. We spoke to The Pommier, a jewellery and accessories retailer that supports emerging and independent designers such as Myia Bonner, Tessa Metcalfe, Justine Clenquet and Rokus. The team behind The Pommier follows and stocks trends by scouring the globe for the best, boldest and most creative brands supporting both renowned and emerging designers; all with an expert eye and craftsmanship and fashion trends. On why jewellers should take notice of the signet ring trend they answered:

“Signet rings continue to sell well – the trend is showing no sign of diminishing. Customisation and keepsakes are both buzz words in the industry and signet rings perfectly align themselves with customer demand.”

The Pommier 8b Photo Credit: The Pommier

As we said, signet rings are now worn by men and women, no longer do you have to wear them on the pinky finger and they can be worn on every finger or as stacking rings – the trend is to style as the mood takes. Below are a few signet rings stocked by The Pommier – for more information visit www.thepommier.com.

The Pommier Lee Renee lip signet ring £225 www.thepommier.com Photo Credit: The Pommier

The Pommier Virgo gold constellation ring hires www.thepommier.com

Photo Credit: The Pommier


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