Sparkling Green Jewels to be Seen this Year

Evoke the essence of nature this spring and go green with your gemstones, from emeralds, to green diamonds to green sapphires – there is a green stone to match every hue in nature, because after all, it greenery-1.jpgwas nature that made these stones. The colour green suggests that the wearer has security, abundance, love, growth, fertility, luck and balance – which makes green gemstones a perfect choice for wedding jewellery.

A few months ago, the people that tell us what colours we should all be wearing this year – Pantone – announced that for 2017 the dominant colour would be greenery. The prediction couldn’t have been any more accurate – from fine jewellery to the high street to cars – green is the hottest colour for 2017.

For millennia, emeralds have been one of the most admired and sought after gemstones in the world. halle berry engagement ring.jpgThough they adorned the Egyptian pharaohs and Roman emperors, emeralds achieved an exalted status when they returned to Europe in the 16th Century on the boats of Spanish Conquistadors from what is now South America. The most beautiful women in history and today wear green jewels – Cleopatra, Jackie Kennedy and Halle Berry to name but a few beautiful and famous ladies to choose green as their favourite colour gemstone. But now it’s time to bring this stunning and incredibly versatile colour to the forefront to join its already super popular yellow diamonds and blue sapphires.

Some people may advise against choosing an emerald for an engagement ring – suggesting that it’s a soft stone. But if you take care of your emerald engagement ring, you don’t work with your hands and you jackie_kennedy1.jpgremove your emerald rings before you do anything like gardening, then there is no reason why your emerald engagement ring won’t last a lifetime. But emeralds are not the only beautiful green gemstone there are stunning green diamonds and crisp sparkling green sapphires to choose from to quench any urge to buy a green coloured gemstone for their engagement ring that represents love, fertility and balance.

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