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Working With Rubies

by: richard haruni
Topic: Ruby Care

It is important when owning a ruby, or any gem for that matter, to understand how best to work with it and look after it. This article will give you some guidance.

Ruby Care

Rubies are, on the whole, very durable stones and are safe to use in jewellery dips and ultra-sonic cleaners, however avoid using strong direct heat with untreated stones as this could affect the colour, future recertification AND VALUE. Avoid coating with borax before applying heat as borax may eat into rubies and sapphires.

Also be aware when setting your ruby and check for internal and surface reaching fissures and cracks. Pressure during the setting process could cause these to get worse.


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  1. Ann

    Beautiful Gems,
    Since Covid, GIA is closed to walk in. Is there any appraiser in Los Angeles area you would recommend as I have been collecting rubies for a long time and would like to sell. Also, many other rare colored Gems.
    Thank you,


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