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Heaven’s Above! Met Gala’s Dazzling Jewels

This year’s Met Gala Ball showed us scandal, olive branches and dazzling jewels. I don’t know about you but Katy Perry and Taylor Swift being BFFs once again brought a tear to my eye – but the controversy surrounding even this humongous news has named this year’s Met Gala ball the most controversial yet.

gigi-hadid-met-gala-2018-gettyimagesPhoto Credit: Getty Images

The theme, “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination,” red carpet block buster launch set tongues wagging from the start. But as “Succès de scandale” is a term for any artistic work whose success is attributed, in whole or in part, to public controversy surrounding the work, this year’s red carpet must be the most successful of all!

blake-lively-met-gala-2018-gettyimages-Photo Credit: Getty Images

Here are our stand out favourites – what were yours?

Co-host, Rihanna arrived dressed as the pope. Dipped mitre to toe in jewels and pearls the reall show stopper was her Cartier necklace.

Madonna, never knowingly understated, wore a Rinaldy Yunardi crown and necklace by Jennifer Fisher, Lana Jewelry, Narcisa Pheres, Pascale Monvoisin and Catherine Angiel.

madonna-met-gala-2018-gettyimagesPhoto Credit: Getty Images

Zendaya embraced her inner Joan of Arc arriving in a chainmail Versace gown. Tiffany’s Paper Flower collection rings on her fingers and a diamond ball pendant.

Lots of crowns were worn but the best by far was Mindy Kaling’s Pericles Kondylatos crown.

mindy-kaling-met-gala-2018-gettyimagesPhoto Credit: Getty Images

And if a crown is not available, then Priyanka Chopra’s golden bejewelled headdress and shoulder piece is the next best thing. Did you know that her jewelled hood took 250 hours to make?

priyanka-chopra-met-gala-2018-gettyimagesPhoto Credit: Getty Images


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