Green Gemstones, the Hottest Colour for Spring

gemstones image.jpgGet yourself some serious style credibility and cover yourself in green gemstones, to be seen in this spring’s must have colour trend. From emeralds, green sapphires to tourmaline, peridot, chrysoprase, tsavorite, chrysoberyl, alexandrite, malachite and jade, the choices of green stones are vast. The good news is, because green comes in such a variety of shades, this trend can suit anyone, any age and any skin colour. And with so many precious and semi-precious green stones to choose from there is a stone to suit every personal style and budget.

If your skin has cool undertones, opt for a blue-based teal. On the other hand, if your skin has warm undertones, look for moss-like shades with yellow undertones. If you’re not sure which category you belong to, go for a deep forest green, because its richness of colour suits just about everyone.

Green stones look amazing when teamed with yellow gold, but if you prefer platinum, white gold or silver, a lighter colour green would be a perfect choice. Metals such as copper brass and bronze have also been used in creating jewellery and as anyone knows, green goes with anything red toned.

green ring 3.jpgIf you prefer a more vintage style to your jewellery, then this season’s green is perfect as green stones, especially emeralds, jade and peridot were widely used in Victorian, Art Deco and Art Nouveau ring 4.jpg

So, why green, or greenery as the fashionistas say? It’s all down to the crowd at Pantone, the self-proclaimed experts on colour – they tell us what fashion colours are on vogue every year. For 2017 they boldly stated that greenery is the colour that will lead fashion trends for the year and colour represents the relationship between money and nature – yes that description is just marketing spiel, but don’t discount the colour choice, because so far, their colour predictions for fashion have never been wrong.

So think like Kermit and go and find a green stone that matches your personality, budget and style – you will be spoilt for choice, what a great dilemma to have. 


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