Get The Look: Ruby Red

The month of July has come and that only means one thing – rubies. In case you didn’t know, July prides itself on having ruby as its birthstone. With the colour red which has been associated with passion and love for centuries, ruby is said to bring romance and prosperity to one’s life. Aren’t July babies lucky! However, no worries if you’re not one of them – ruby looks fabulous on just about anyone and everyone. Seeing all the beautiful coloured gemstone jewellery around, we’ve decided to create some of our own inspired ruby designs. 

Ruby, sapphire, emerald or diamond – all are great choices to bring more colour into your wardrobe, but ruby is the ultimate gemstone to a pop of colour into your jewelleryHere are some of our top sartorial and jewellery picks to inspire some ruby red looks for yourself. 

3 Untitled-1-3.jpg

Ruby and Diamond earrings by Ben Amun and Olivier Theyskens Spring 2017 look

 2 Untitled-1-4.jpg

Oscar de la Renta Spring 2017 look and Graff Nuage collection drop earrings with Rubies and Diamonds


4 Untitled-1-2.jpg

Cellini Jewelers Ruby and Diamond drop earrings and Oscar de la Renta Spring 2017 look


Haruni Fine Gems Rubies


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