Get the look: Purple Rain

It might not be purple but it rains a fair bit here in England no matter whether it’s Spring or Summer. However, even if the weather is gloomy, there’s no need to take a melancholy tone yourself. The best way to fight the dreariness outside is to wear colour and lots of it! Purple in an old classic for Spring/Summer season and reminds us of blooming flowers and exceptional Summer evening skies. Seeing all the beautiful coloured gemstone jewellery around, we’ve decided to create some of our own inspired designs.

Ruby, sapphire, emerald or diamond – all are great choices to bring more colour into your wardrobe, but fancy sapphire is the ultimate gemstone to give your look a purple kick. Here are some of our top sartorial and jewellery picks to inspire some purple looks for yourself.

2 jewellerya.jpg

Cartier 18k white gold diamond & gemstone necklace and Paul Smith Spring 2017 look

3 jewelleryb-1.jpg

Paul Smith Spring 2017 look and Tiffany & Co. tassel earrings with diamonds and tanzanite beads

1 IMG_1469a.jpg

The Gem Bank’s Purple Sapphires



Let us know which look is your favourite and what jewels you are wearing this season!


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