Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) in Poland celebrated Valentine’s Day by specially designing an engagement ring. The food supply chain claims that if fans met at a KFC restaurant, went there for a first date, or perhaps were brought together by a fierce passion for “juicy fried chicken” then the occasion deserves an unusual celebration.

KFC ring.jpgPhoto Credit: @KFCPolska on Facebook

This ring will consist of two parts: first, the external layer made of gold with a fineness of 750, which will make fans think of a crunchy coating. Like the original KFC coating, which covers pieces of juicy chicken, its golden copy will boast some truly ‘exceptional’ elements. Inside is an engagement ring, platinum with a fineness of 950, set with nearly 150 small diamonds. That’s not all, as the ring is crowned with a 0.70 carat diamond.


The global food chain says the special piece of jewellery is not to be missed by KFC fans who want to show their love to their significant other. KFC are yet to confirm any details ahead of the big release and the conditions for receiving the ring. According to KFC, couples who decide to tie the knot with the engagement ring can expect a special wedding surprise from the restaurant chain. All we want to know is does it come in a KFC chicken box!

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