Our Stones

The story of a precious gemstone begins long before it reaches its owner. A remarkable feat of nature, gemstones have been making journeys across the globe, exchanged as tokens of love, to symbolise power, honour gods, protect, heal and mesmerise, for thousands of years. Displaying unique character and charm, every gemstone harnesses the richness of faraway lands, embedded in cultures, myths and legends the world over. Each stone is resonant with its own history, with chapters that will be added to its story through every lifetime it lives with someone. Heirlooms. Love stories. Friendships.


Often referred to as the king of gems, Rubies radiate warmth and vitality and when worn represents love, health and wisdom.


Named from the Greek word sappheiros meaning blue, sapphire is the symbol of royalty, purity and tranquility from the heavens.


Mined in Egypt as early as 3500 BC and by ancient Romans in the European Alps, emeralds are ancient gemstones admired by people for thousands of years.


Diamonds have decorated Kings and Queens throughout time, delighted lovers and loved by movie stars. They have even been credited with curing illnesses, but by far Diamonds are most famous for helping say three little words – I Love You.

Other Gemstones

The love of precious stones is imprinted on the human heart. With colours that are reflected in nature, whether the blossom of a flower, or the glory of a sunset sky, precious gems can be found in all these colours that connect to our soul.

Matched Pairs

Each and every gemstone is unique. Even seemingly identical stones have their nuances and subtle differences. Sometimes the beauty is in the similarity and sometimes it is in the differences.