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It is one of our goals to make your gemstone selling and buying experience as safe and pleasant as possible. Download a copy of this FREE guide now and let us know what you think.

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At Haruni Fine Gems, we take the pleasure in providing you the most accurate knowledge in grading, selecting, selling and buying coloured gemstones. It is why we put together this guide to give you a handy tool with the basic information you need in understanding coloured gems and its wonders.

This guide is special in ways that it provides:

  1.  A brief history of the Haruni family journey in the gemstone industry
  2. Colour chart for calibrated round rubies, sapphires and tsavorites
  3. Our Cut-to-Order gemstone order and delivery process
  4. Detailed summary of 4c’s of precious and semi-precious stones, treatment and origin
  5. A copy of the Mohs scale table
  6. A copy of gemstone weights and measures
  7. A copy of 2018 calibrated rounds price lists