Sarah’s Handmade Sapphire Ring

Jewellery Design Process

Sarah, having found Haruni on Google, contacted us by phone. She then sent us an email with a photo of a ring that she wanted to have its center stone changed. She had a sapphire that she wanted to replace. Initially she was open to the idea of what type of stone she wanted. After sending a number of options, she then decided on a ruby. 

After having exchanged a couple of emails, she came into the office to view the ring. She decided on the ruby and gave us the ring. We have unset the sapphire, returned it to her, and set the replacement ruby in the ring. She was perfectly happy with the handmade ring.

Sarah’s Testimonial

“A short time ago I happened to see a ring which I liked very much, however, as it did not fit me, it would need altering and I decided if that was the case I would have a similar one made.

I randomly looked at jewellers in Hatton Garden and contacted Haruni Fine Jewels.  From the moment I spoke to Daniel at Haruni I was confident they would deliver exactly what I wanted.

I had certain criteria – platinum setting, pink sapphire, emerald cut or similar with diamond baguettes.  We visited the premises and met Daniel who set out a variety of sapphires and diamonds of all shapes and sizes and positioned them in different ways until I finally settled on my design.  I was never made to feel that my business was too small for them to deal with.

I had done some research into pink sapphires but was very interested to hear Daniel explain the technical details about the stones I was choosing.  A few weeks later when we were again in London, Daniel very kindly said he would stay (at the shop), a little later as we had just arrived on Eurostar to hand over my gorgeous ring.

So many people have admired it and are surprised that it was possible to have a custom made piece of jewellery! It has never left my hand since. As a footnote, my mother had died a few months earlier and as I did not inherit her rings I see it as a little tribute to her as well.”

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Felipe’s Customised Ruby Engagement Ring

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The team was super helpful and patient with my endless set of questions… Richard then advised me on the best option in terms of size, colour and quality…. and I went for the best amongst all of a stunning selection.

I also had a specific design in mind for María’s engagement ring. It was a sort of an embracement of diamonds around the ruby in modern while timeless fashion…. and Richard read my mind and made it real.

Thank you ever so much to my assigned gem dealer and jeweler in London.