Julie’s Customised Rings

Jewellery Design Process

Julie is a repeat customer who I’ve had the pleasure of working with, having made several pieces for her. One of the pieces she bought was an art deco piece I had made previously that she had fallen in love with. She occasionally purchases from my existing stocks, as well as commissions bespoke pieces. 

One of the more fun things I was able to do with Julie is to take some of my existing designs and custom them to her liking, whether through the color of stones, size, or shape.

Julie’s Testimonial

“Over the years, Richard has helped me create several rings and earrings. The beauty of Richard Haruni’s jewellery lies in his ability to combine creativity, quality stones and savoir-faire. Each piece is uniquely crafted to suit you. Richard effortlessly guides you through the creative process allowing you to express yourself through his expert skills in jewellery design. He carefully listens and interprets your ideas. He is patient and does not hesitate to make changes in order to achieve the perfect piece. The result is breathtaking and beautiful. I’ll keep coming back for more…”

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